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No words can express how grateful I am. The joy of this continued journey learning every day and growing with support from the best in the industry. When I was 8 years old, I came up with a dream. A dream and a project, this project soon became a reality: Y.A.R.H. Young Animal Rescue Heroes became a voice for environment and wildlife.

At 9 years old, I visited Chandaria Industries, and had a chance to talk with Darshan and Neer about my journey. This was a great start for me and it encouraged me to work harder so that I as an individual, can make a change in my environment! I had no idea that years down the line, my work would be an inspiration to young people and adults alike.

In the following years, Chandaria and YARH continued to work together through workshops, recycling projects and now 4 years on, I am in humbled and honored to be Chandaria’s new Waste Recycling Ambassador. A role I don’t take lightly and that I will do my very best to bring this message to all and to try to inspire others to act on the 3 R’s: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. It is with these small acts that will inspire our generation to make a green impact on the planet.

As you know Chandaria recycles tons and tons of waste paper and this in turn saves trees, hence the saving of natural habitat and ecosystems that we and the beautiful creatures that we share our planet with. Rosy paper is one of many examples of recycled tissue product, so whenever you buy one, you know that you are helping the planet’s survival. Chandaria recycling has also created over 6000 jobs of people who are making a living by just selling waste to them, hence, transforming lives.

I am calling on all Kenyans to stand with me and send all their waste paper to Chandaria Industries. Thank you for supporting my initiatives, thanks! J

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