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The Telephone -Part 1 here

One hour earlier…..

“Sure”, I said. “The kids are at school. You will pick them up, right?” I asked my wife on the phone.  Her response vibrated through my ears and yes were answer “Thanks honey, I’m really trying to get done with this paper.”

“I’ve never been this close to completing this,” I said excitedly, sparing her from the scientific details. “OK, love you too!” finishing the call and shutting the apartment door behind me. Tossing my car keys onto the sofa at the entrance, dropping my coat on the sofa as well, I ran to my study where all my papers and research. Mathematical formulas, complex equations and thick pieces of calculus and algebra.

I immediately sat down and began to pick up my pen. It was very thin and continued to serve me well. After the past two papers in physics I had written, this was one that I most looked forward to! “The uncertainty of momentum..! I began scribbling my way through the endless sheets of blank paper that sat before me in the most messy pile one could have possibly imagined.

Ten minutes had passed and I hadn’t noticed a flip-phone right in front of me. I was so indulged and engulfed in my mathematical world that the existence of that phone had never occurred to me. At first I chuckled and thought of what a hideous phone Clara, my wife, had bought. Picking it up , my laughs soon quieted down as I saw a paper stuck to the phone with tape.  An equation that I knew well written on it:

Emax = hv + φ

This was Einstein’s equation on the photoelectric effect. I got even more serious when I remembered that my wife didn’t know one bit about physics. I opened the phone slowly to see pictures of me, my wife, and two daughters. I soon stood up and walked to the window to see if there were any spies from roofs. “ Ring, Ring, Ring” the phone went. I looked quickly at it and then back to the window. Something wasn’t right. I could feel it! I glanced back at the small screen and answered. “Mr. Jameson,” the voice went. “The name is Harry. Who is this?” “Your wife and children will be killed if you do not follow my instructions. Is that clear? I couldn’t let this happen. “Maybe I could call the police, I thought.

“Call the police they die, I just need your intellect and your family will be spared” I was relieved but still weary of what the man wanted.

“Your calculations do not include Dark’s constant,” I suppose you get to work and meet me in your alley way in half an hour or else Clara, Bianca and Sarah are removed from the earth permanently!” Almost shouting.. The phase dropped. The call ended. Sitting down and started working again using Darics constant.

Calculation after calculation, I realised, this would be a more efficient way to produce anti-matter, which when touched anything in the real world (matter) could create an explosion fifty times the ones dropped on Japan at the end of World War Two.

“A bomb!” I concluded. I programmed  myself to reason with hi and then tell everything to the authorities. Finishing the calculations was easy but I remembered my children and took the papers, the phone and rushed down to the alley way.

I didn’t have to wait long for the man to appear. The sun was already setting , through the October sky, it was hard to see his faces. “The papers and your family lives,” He said reaching out his hand.” Anti-matter, this will kill millions of people,” I said trying to be heroic.

“That’s the point,” he said. I could tell he was smiling. He raised the gun. “Don’t do this!” I shouted. He shot me twice and then left. He shot me twice and then left with the papers. My life ended,  the world was doomed all because of a stupid telephone.

The End

Luca Berardi

A composition for my Year 9 Exam

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  1. Nice composition,… I think you are in a position to write a Novel. Check the following novels .Sudden Fear and down the river by brettort brothers

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