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Children Climate Prize – Sweden – Accepting Nominations

The Children’s Climate Prize (CCP) is a platform for young, environmentally-conscious people from all over the world. The prize was initiated in 2016 by Swedish renewable energy company Telge Energi; a company dedicated to, and exclusively working with, renewable energy sources thus taking a stand for sustainable development for more than 10 years. Telge Energi… Read More Children Climate Prize – Sweden – Accepting Nominations

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The Telephone- Part 1

©Luca Berardi English Composition submitted to my English teacher – Year 9 Title: The Telephone Disclaimer: All characters are fictional Don’t…..Don’t do this, please! I pleaded, sweat beading down by face and tears running down my cheeks. My heart thumped against the walls of my chest, every heart-beat, seemed to be a clap of thunder… Read More The Telephone- Part 1