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Animal Crossing new leaf

Summer Ideas for those of you who love games. “The charm and creativity of Animal Crossing returns as a Nintendo 3DS™ exclusive with Animal Crossing™: New Leaf, and this time you step into a new role–mayor–where the decisions you make will shape your town and your life. Experience a living, breathing world where new friends… Read More Animal Crossing new leaf

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Children Climate Prize – Sweden – Accepting Nominations

The Children’s Climate Prize (CCP) is a platform for young, environmentally-conscious people from all over the world. The prize was initiated in 2016 by Swedish renewable energy company Telge Energi; a company dedicated to, and exclusively working with, renewable energy sources thus taking a stand for sustainable development for more than 10 years. Telge Energi… Read More Children Climate Prize – Sweden – Accepting Nominations

Game World

Exploding Kittens

Last week our friends here in South of Sweden invited us for an evening of table games.  A number of families gathered over a meal of sill and other traditional Swedish Easter delicacies. The evening turned out super, got to play lots of games, mostly detective based games. What is exploding kittens? I asked. ‘Exploding… Read More Exploding Kittens


Lund Earth Hour

Preparations for earth hour in Lund, Sweden are underway. Earth Hour is an event that promotes climate action all across the globe by setting aside one hour of the day (from 8:30 to 9:30 pm) to put off lights and electrical appliances for the well-being of the planet. Our #LundProposal is coming out this week.… Read More Lund Earth Hour

Greenest Celeb

Jaden Smith Greenest Celeb

Jaden Smith no doubt global fashion influencer with an extra love for the environment. Just water is Jaden’s way to help the environment, bottles are 100% plant bases. Compared to plastic based bottle this is a 74% reduction of Carbon foot print – Give a high 5 to Jaden!